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Author: Tanya

Scottish Portrait Awards 2022

I’ve created a brief video for the awards, giving some background to the events and to the self-portrait.

My video has also been included in a compilation of all the artists exhibited in the show (at min. 47:05). Listening to the different backgrounds and contexts in which the artworks were created is fascinating, so I would definitely recommend watching this.  

And here are links to all the artworks included, for photography and also fine art. I’m blown away by these incredible artists in Scotland. I hope you do get to go along to the show if you get a chance. 

The Scottish Portrait Awards will go on display in three locations including The Scottish Arts Club in Edinburgh from 10 September and at Duff House in Banff from Friday 14 October 2022 until Sunday 26 February 2023 and the Glasgow Art Club from 6 to  31 March.