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  • Personal branding, headshots and creative portraits

    Edinburgh, Scotland

People don’t connect with stock images
people connect with YOU

You are a creative entrepreneur with a drive to make a positive difference in the world. You want to transform your business but you’d REALLY prefer to not to be in front of the camera. In fact, you’d prefer to avoid being seen at all! Believe me, I understand! I have spent my photography career learning to be comfortable not only behind the lens, but in front of it too; learning how to show our BEST SELVES.

And let me tell you how INCREDIBLY LIBERATING that is!

The one thing I hear all is the time from creatives is how much they ‘hate marketing’. They want their work, their words or their art, to speak for itself. The truth is that whether we like it or not, WE ARE ALL MARKETERS. Our visual presence on social media, on our websites, matters.
People WANT TO SEE YOU. It’s how we connect to them.
It tells the world who we are. 

let’s capture images that you’ll love

“she has the perfect personality for making people feel at ease. The whole experience has been EXCEPTIONAL, with Tanya going above and beyond at every stage.

Her photographs are SIMPLY STUNNING”



I’m originally from South Africa, but I moved to Paris with dreams of becoming an artist. Instead, I ended up as a lawyer!

I spent years working with FTSE100 companies in Hong Kong and London before following my heart and pursuing photography full time. I’m now living in my adopted city of Edinburgh, Scotland.

I have been fortunate to meet different people from many different backgrounds and experiences. I’ve learned how our careers aren’t static, we can CHANGE PATHS multiple times; I’ve learned how we can RECREATE ourselves again and again and share our skills with others to create OUR BEST LIFE.

I’ve learned that we share our best selves, when we share our OWN selves.

  • Do I need to prepare anything?

    No, just bring yourself, and we’ll take care of the rest!

  • How do you help people feel comfortable in front of a camera?

    Our sessions are SO fun. They’re really relaxed and easy going. We different things and play around with ideas and colours. I will show you exactly how to move to capture images that are NATURAL and bring out your BEST self. People always come away from sessions feeling AMAZING.

  • I have nothing to wear!

    We’ll have a video call long before our session to discuss colours and styles that work with you. If you still feel that you would like some help, I have a talented stylist who will provide advice and wardrode for your shoot!

  • Can I choose the images myself?

    Absolutely! I will provide you with a beautiful gallery of all of the image from our session and you can select the ones which you like best! I’ll advise you on which images work best for which formats, social media, website etc.